The Daniel K. Cobiott Academy for the Superhumanly Gifted is located thirty mile's North of New York, New York. It was founded in 1898 by Sir Simon Daniel Kurtis Cobiott, Sr. and his wife Martha. It was sponsered by many rich Duro-Humans and was originally only 653000 square feet (150 acres) however it has grown to 8712000 square feet as of 2009 (2000 acres). There are twenty-two districts in total, six for sororities and ten for fraternaties along with four for each grade for normal students and two for Fighters that have graduated or Duro-human families that want to live in peace. It is on a secluded hill known as Hero Hill, and is funded by the Canadian and various European governments including the English Government, as a member of the British Royal family aattends the school herself. It is home to the superhero team the Shadows of Protection.

Faternities and SoroitiesEdit

Zeta Beta Upsilon

Alpha Gamma Gamma