The Shadows of Protection is a Superhero group that protects New York and surrounding areas.


The Shadows of Protection was created by James Wolfe. He ran it out of his apartment and tried to find other with powers. The first one he found was Ben Sampson, who decided to join to stay away from the people that might recognize him. After a few months the raided Periculum, a lab that test on humans, and found Kassidy Reynolds, who joined because they wiped her memory of her family. Then they bought out James' apartment building and made it into their HQ/living quarters. On December 26, 2012 James preposed to Kassidy and they got married two days later.

Head QuartersEdit

They used to run the operation out of James' Apartment but as they grew Ben supplied James with 20 bars of gold and they bought the apartment building and have redone the entire Building.


James Wolfe - Night Watch

Ben Sampson - Dusk

Kassidy Reynolds - Karma