Blake grew up in a small town with about 100 people per grade. He was one of the kids that was a natural leader and had a lot of friends. He often had friends at his house and was one of the most physically fit kids his age. When he was 14 he broke his leg but it didn't hurt. He watched in morbid fascination as his bone snapped back into place and his skin reconnected within 5 minutes. He kept quite because he didn't want to leave his home. A few weeks later he was walking through the woods and he tried to do a pull up on a branch. It snapped in his hands, so he grabbed a large stick on the ground. It also easily snapped in his hands, and he figured out he had super strength. He knew he had to tell his parents now so he did. They sent him to Cobiott Academy for the Superhumanly Gifted. When he got there they tested his powers. A power sensor told him he had another power. They put him in a pressured situation and something amazing happened. As the resident power

Logan Lerman as Blake Cole

finder (Toture Specilest is what most of the students call him) got himself in what he called the Death Stance, a stance that makes your insticts tell you to GTFO, Blake called forth twenty undead warriors to defend himself. A passing student thought he was attacking the teachers ran and started to gossip about a new student that was blood thirsty. By the time the teachers heard this rumor most of the student body had already made up their minds. Blake became the school pariah and nobody wanted to be caught talking to him. After three years most noticed that he was very quite and passive, but nobody wanted to be the one that might get attacked/made fun of also. But most of the team captians would pick him in P.E. because of his athletic abillity.


Blake used to be very fun to be around but after a three years without much talking to people his age he is very quite and passive. He is very smart and observant.

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