The Daily Life of a Superhero is a Wolf Pack Production created by Mo2damo and endorsed by Mtn Dew Stud aka Redwallfan22. Full Moon Comics has decided to help with the creation and the TV show is being created by Mo2damo and Mtn Dew Stud. It is currently Unkown if The Lovely Dove or TheThing12 is going to be in the creation.


  • Morgan Freeman as Brett Martins
  • Dominic Scott Kay as Hawk Richiott
  • Sasha Pieterse as Kodi Reed
  • Ben Barnes as Ben Sampson
  • Devon Gearheart as James Wolfe
  • Sammi Hanratty as Kassidy Reynolds
  • Asa Butterfield as Agent Atlantis
  • Cody Linely as Agent Alaska
  • Gabriel Basso as Brofsky Uktarf, Jr.
  • Joey Luthman as Archie Martins
  • Cole Sprouse as Max West
  • Stefanie Scott as Alex Gray 
  • Kate Maberly as Zen Grayson
  • Max Records as Carson Sullivan
  • India Eilsey as Cher Halliwell
  • Willow Shields as Princess Samantha
  • Aaron Refvem as Alexander Nightstar
  • Cameron Kennedy as Solomon Warwick
  • Abigail Breslin as Draven VonKurtz
  • Devon Bostick as Tim Fox
  • Madison Davenport as AJ Cooper
  • Paul Butcher as Dylan Cooper
  • Lia Marie Johnson as Agent Utopia
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Agent Bermuda
  • Atticus Dean Mitchell as Agent Northwest
  • Brendan Meyer as Agent Maine
  • Pheobe Tonkin as Madame Jaz
  • Robert Capron as Aaron Jordan
  • Logan Lerman as Blake Cole


Season 1

Season 2

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