Hey, my name's Hawk. I didn't ask for the power of flight, but when I got the letter of invitation to the Cobiott Academy for the Superhumanly Gifted I definitely didn't say no. So, I packed up my bags and headed to New York. You see those three weird looking guys over there? Those are my best friends, Tim, Dylan and Max. We're all pledging for that jerk over there's fraternity, Zeta Beta Upsilon.  His name's Aaron, and he thinks he's the king of the school. A lot of people think Brofsky over there should be head of the fraternity, but Aaron doesn't care what other people think. And that girl over there? That's Nekoda Reed, love of my life. She's a member of Alpha Gamma Gamma, the sorority led by gossip girl Agent Utopia, who is just as bad as her boyfriend. Some day we're going to bring them down, and bring happiness back to the school. Life isn't perfect, out there fighting villains that could kill us each day, but oh well, I guess that's just the daily life of a superhero.


  1. Enter Superheroes
  2. Zeta Beta Upsilon anyone?
  3. Woah Aplha Gamma Gamma
  4. The Test of Forever
  5. The Free Day
  6. Home of the Dead
  7. Perfume of Smells
  8. Jester of Jokes
  9. Bird Down